Once upon a time there were charm bracelets. Ladies and girls alike loved to receive a special charm that reflected their milestones and personal interests. These charms had to be attached to her charm bracelet by a jeweler. After awhile charm bracelets went out of style and lived most of the time in her jewelry box.

Then along came a new style of charm bracelets. Beautiful charms, glass beads, and dangles were created and could easily be added and removed on her bracelet without the assistance of a jeweler. But alas, many of these beautiful charms and beads were very expensive and not everyone could enjoy them.

We have put together an ever-growing collection of beautiful beads, charms and accessories to fit everyone's budget. We carefully choose products to meet the highest standards for our customers. Our service goal is to exceed your expectations for quality, delivery and price.

We welcome your feedback and appreciate your business.

Thank you.

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